March 30, 2015

The Homecare Gals Welcomes Amy Ash

Written by Amy Ash

The Homecare Gals welcomes Amy Ash as the new owner and operator of The Homecare Gals!  

For me, making the decision to step away from the business was not an easy one. Before doing so I knew that it was imperative to find someone with the passion, insight and expertise necessary to lead The Homecare Gals and ensure that our client continue to receive the best possible care.  I'm pleased to say that we have found all of those qualities in Amy Ash.

Amy's passion is to empower senior citizens to live a rich and full life at home, and to facilitate that independence.  She is genuinely delighted by the things she learns through working with clients and she has a true passion for helping to make life that little bit easier for each client.  

Please join me in welcoming Amy Ash!


Amy Ash

Amy is the owner of the Homecare Gals. She is dedicated to superior Vancouver senior care and enriching the lives of seniors in the city. Amy Ash on LinkedIn