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It starts with a smile.

A smile that says, “I understand. I’m here to help.” That’s what the Homecare Gals are all about.

Our purpose is to aid and enable mature aged adults to continue living independent, fulfilling lives. Our difference lives in the story of the Homecare Gals owner, Amy Ash.

Amy’s Story

Amy has more than 3 years experience in Health Care, and has a life long history of volunteerism in her community with organizations such as Vancouver Coastal Health and North Vancouver Recreation Commission.

Amy Ash, Owner

Helping others is what I love to do. It’s a passion that has helped shape the person I am today.

From the earliest age my Grandmother and I had an extra-close relationship. She and I would spend weeks together at her cottage during the summer.

Right from the start, I learned how to be of help.

One morning, years before I entered my teens, my Grandmother had her first heart attack. As frightened as I was at the time I remember feeling deeply relieved that I was there with her to help.

Even before that day, she suffered from a badly healed broken bone resulting from a fall at home alone. Her mobility and strength never fully recovered. The ways in which I was able to support her now included not only household chores, but also more personal care. The new limitations she experienced due to her change in health was very stressful for her, as she was accustomed to living independently.

We both felt better for that extra bit of care she received.

As I finished my BA in humanities, I worked in a business environment that focused solely on customer satisfaction. At that time I was also mentored by the business owner to bring leadership, creativity, and that focus on the client to my subsequent decade long career in the corporate world.

I found myself desiring to return to a role where I could once again be of service to my community in a more personal and direct way, and pursued a career as a Health Provider.

Having returned to University, the role of an RN was just not quite the right fit in terms of doing for others what I had done for my Grandmother,

I knew I could help make a difference.

And that’s when I started working as a Caregiver empowering people to live well at home and join The Homecare Gals. It was time to put my professional background, training, and experience to work and make a positive change for people - people who sometimes needed a little help in their daily lives.

I strive to create a sense of inclusiveness and shared experience with every Homecare Gals client, and so it’s important to me that my team does, too. We use our intuition to provide quality care, not a checklist.

A mission guides us: to provide innovative, caring, and empowering solutions to improve the daily lives of others.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference, even just a smile that says, “I understand.”

I hope the smiles of our Homecare Gals make your day a little brighter, and life a little easier.

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